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Self-employed persons


We take care of your business

Self-employed persons are often left alone when facing the business world. We provide them our support to reassure and free them of all worries. Thus, we can take care of all interactions with the government.

  • GST and QST

    We can do your GST and QST calculations, and file your discounts in time to avoid penalties

  • Instalments

    To avoid surprises at the end of the year, we can make your instalment payments in time

  • Enterprise registration

    We can file your annual reports and take care of the follow up with the enterprise register of Quebec

  • Liquidity

    We can help you manage your liquidity and bank agreements

  • Cash flow

    We can analyze your company’s cash flow in order to follow its evolution

  • Sales objectives

    Sales are crucial elements in the prosperity of a company. We can help you manage you sales

  • Contracts with subcontractors

    It is very important that the contracts are very clear and well-crafted. We can help you in the negotiation and writing of contracts

  • Tax returns

    We can make your bookkeeping, your financial statements and your tax returns

Real estate owners

Real estate owners often have questions regarding the management of their properties and the interactions with different levels of government. Votre Maison de L’Impôt can provide advice in all those fields

  • Admissible expenses

    We can determine what are the admissible expenses for your building and also determine what constitutes an expenses and what constitutes an investment

  • Amortization periods

    We can help you determine what amortization periods are the most adequate between the ones that are admissible for your investments

  • Rent augmentations, etc.

    Each year, you have to determine what the rent augmentation will be. We can help you evaluate this augmentation and provide the adequate arguments when dealing with the Régie du logement

  • Mortgages

    The mortgage on a building is often the most crucial financial element for the owner. We can help you in the negotiations towards obtaining the best interest rate possible. We can also help you manage your mortgage

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