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Counseling services

Our specialists at Votre Maison de L’Impôt can advise you in the management of your enterprise. Whether you have decision to make regarding productivity, profitability, investments, acquisitions or sales, we can advise you.

Additional services

In addition, with its specialized partners (lawyers, notaries, tax specialists), Votre Maison de L’Impôt provides all the services necessary for the conduct of your business.

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Our computerized reports

  • GST and QST reports

  • Old Age Security pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement reports

  • Payroll services: deductions and check issue

  • Computerized book keeping

  • CSST report and Parity Committee

  • T4 / RL-1

  • Request for an adjustment to an income tax return

  • Tax reports

  • Annual updating declaration


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